Who is Black and Berry Living?

Black and Berry Living is a female owned and operated ingredient conscious lifestyle brand, with a mission to provide organic, non-toxic alternatives to consumers. So many of the products used is households today are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the health of consumers and we have harnessed the power of nature to create a line of products safe to be used in your home, on your body and your pets. Our entire product line is housed in re-usable aluminum bottles, for continued use of our products overtime.

When Cindee Black was just 5 years old she was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease. This means she’s allergic to MANY common household products. Turns out she wasn't alone (lots of people have such sensitivities without even knowing it). As she got older, she visited numerous (doctors and?) homeopaths trying to understand how she could live chemical-free. Along the way she developed a series of remedies and cleaning products to ease her symptoms--so far, so good. But when her daughters were born with similar health issues, she knew it was time to act. That's how Black+Berry came to be. The container you hold in your hands is the product of years of research and testing. It contains only natural ingredients. Cindee and her daughters use it, and she puts her name on it. Give it a try. Sometimes, simpler is better.




Eucalyptus Mint All Purpose Cleaner

This all purpose cleaner is truly that. This potent cleaner will tackle glass, kitchen grease, bathroom grim, floors, fabric odors, stains, kids lunchboxes, pet messes, and anything else you could possibly want to clean. The raw apple cider vinegar will kill harmful bacteria and viruses and leave a barrier to help protect against future harmful microbes. Eucalyptus and mint essential oils are antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant, not to mention the entrancing scent. This mixture is our personal favorite and hopefully will be yours too!


Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

Citrus has a legacy of doing its work in the kitchen, but this all-purpose cleaner will also show its power against bathroom grim, all counter and floor types, windows, mirrors, fabric odors, stains, kids snack trays, the inside of the home trashcan, and anything else you can think of cleaning. The raw apple cider vinegar will kill harmful bacteria and viruses and leave a barrier to help protect against future harmful microbes. Lemon and orange essential oils are antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant. This popular scent will not disappoint.


Bug Juice

This… is a game changer: organic, non-toxic, chemical free bug repellant for home, body, and pet. Made from a base of organic raw apple cider vinegar with 10 essential oils, this product will rid you of irritating bugs. Flies, mosquitos, ants, and more all have a new sworn enemy. Spray this around the perimeter of a room or directly on any trails to drive ants away. Flying pests will finally leave you be! It works wonders for your pets with fleas and ticks. Instead of endangering our furry friends with toxic chemicals, use our Bug Juice to prevent bugs on walks or in the home. Remember to shake well before using and enjoying a bug-free space!


Hand Sanitizer

Special formulated to sanitize the hands of the whole family. Our sanitizer meets the requirement of the FDA and CDC to kill bacteria and viruses.


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